I use Chinese Acupuncture as a method to acknowledge and recalibrate your lifestyle for better well being:

The body is a holistic environment in which our physical, emotional and mental systems are interconnected and balanced. I believe our health concerns stem from a loss of equilibrium and that holistic practice and well-considered choices allow us to regain our balance. Through acupuncture and Chinese medicine I help you maintain your body’s equilibrium and its innate health and well being.

I’m a partner in your “best health” treatment plan.
• I listen for any way you might be out of balance
• And offer specific treatments for better alignment

I have an inclusive practice that welcomes and treats all bodies.



If you are looking for a Dr. who is attentive to your concerns, uses a multidiscipline approach and gets fast efective results go see Chris Miller.  His use of  massage with acupuncture makes you feel the results that are happening.  He is a gifted healer.

— Glenn K